We’ve launched a new site for bcToolkit

Daniel Ashcroft

30 September 2011

Exonero approached us with two clear objectives. The first was to streamline the sign up process and therefore increase the number of sign-ups they achieve. The second was to improve the layout of the information on the website.

In order to complete the first objective we needed to understand what Basecamp users were looking for in a time reporting tool and build the sign up process around these needs. The main feature users are looking for is the pricing of the different plans bcToolkit offer, so it was important for us to design a pricing page which was simple and presented the 3 different plans in a clear way.

A common enquiry bcToolkit received was from Basecamp users requesting information on how they find out which Basecamp plan they were on in order to know which bcToolkit option was best for them. This was the reason for us to develop a tool which uses the Basecamp API to identify which plan the user has and present the best suited bcToolkit package for them.

Exonero realised that the previous bcToolkit website was content heavy and so required us the design the website in a way that the more important information would be promoted while the remainder of the content was still presented clearly. Our solution was to build the page templates around a top feature area where high impact statements or product features could be placed in order to attract attention or promote key points.

The new bcToolkit website is just the latest project of our on going partnership with Exonero. We will be continuing our work with them to further develop their products, website’s and digital strategy.