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Sue Ryder response to the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement

06 December 2012

Sue Ryder

At Sue Ryder, we are passionate that people with serious health needs get the care and support they want. We’re committed to improving standards in long-term and end of life care and we will continue to speak up on behalf of people with complex care needs so they can have increased access to better quality care.

Following the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement announcement, we are pleased that health spending remains protected and efficiency savings will be invested back into the NHS. 

We are concerned that the planned further 2% cut to local authority budgets in 2014/15 will put increasing pressure on local spending, as local authorities prepare to take on greater responsibility for health and social care needs, under the NHS reforms.  There is a risk that the quality of care that local communities receive could be negatively affected as a result.

We are also disappointed to note that there was no mention of spending plans for social care and we await the next Comprehensive Spending Review in early 2013.  The next Spending Review is a vital opportunity for the government to reinforce its’ commitment to the funding of social care.  

A detailed funding package is urgently needed in order to embed a culture and delivery of personalised social care for every person that needs it.